Dec 31 2012

New Year’s Resolution: Feed Your Child’s Brain for Optimal Brain Power

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Looking for a 2013 New Year’s Resolution that would be easy to keep each day? Then you might be interested in this resolution idea from a gifted parent group in Minnesota.

In 2003, the Prairie Eden Chapter of the Minnesota Gifted and Talented Council decided to serve their 3rd graders a healthy snack on testing days. The decision to do this was based on their desire to overcome the problem that can arise when children come to school with empty stomachs or sugar filled breakfasts.

Both situations, according to the Eden Prairie website,, “take a toll on the brain’s thinking power.” While helping kids concentrate on test days is the main goal of their “Feed the Brain” program, they also have a secondary goal to “educate children about the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast every morning.”

So for your 2013 New Year’s Resolutions, do yourself and your children a favor. Start your own “Feed the Brain” program at school or even see if you can implement a program similar in your child’s school.

Do some research on Web MD for the foods that promote a healthy brain and start your kids off – and yourself – with a balanced breakfast every morning. By making it a goal to serve and eat a healthy breakfast every morning, you will be setting a New Year’s Resolution that can make a real difference in the brain power of every member of your family.

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